Systematic Sound IS Aaron Dlugasch

Lets focus on dedication, ability, creativity, and quality.

In many ways, the compositions you will find on the portfolio page are my credentials. They span almost all Genres, and clearly indicate the vast array of style and sound that I can achieve.
It bears noting that I was an audio engineer for almost 10 years before I decided to go back to my scoring & composition roots.

The switch has taught me lessons too numerous to count - but the collision of those two worlds have made all the difference in my artistic and professional approach to any composition/scoring/sound design challenge that may come my way.


I am talented, dedicated, fiercely loyal, and committed to your project.

My goal is to offer a finished project that not only meets, but EXCEEDS all expectations.

Lets talk about your project, and take it from there.

PHONE: 732.715.1921

My passion is working closely with people who have vision, but may lack the technical ability to transfer the sounds they hear in their head into something tangible.

At the same time, I must admit that it can be fun when a client says "Hey Aaron, I've heard your work. Go do what you do best!" © 2009 • All Rights Reserved